My initial interest in the petroleum industry and geosciences stemmed from an epiphany I had whilst engaged in conversation with a young, successful Dutchman in Dubai. This man was a friend of my Fathers who was discussing with me the terms of a Shell sponsorship through University, and essentially who I would aspire to become. 

I had always known about the attractiveness of the industry which my Father has been involved in for close to forty years and knew that it was where I would be destined to pursue a career; the only question was, in which field of work?

I have always been fascinated by and excelled in Geography and Physics. Having achieved the Geography prize in both Higher and Standard Grade, as well as merits in Physics. I have chosen to study Petroleum Geology/ Geosciences as it is a unique combination that will satisfy my interest and ability in both subjects and develop and nurture my skills to further aid my entry into the industry.

My love of the Earths natural Geography has long affected my ambitions outside of school. Skiing, scuba diving and fell running have taken me to some of the most awe inspiring places on the planet in pursuit of experiencing and seeing new things, as well as excelling my passion for travel. I have visited the Alps, Caucus mountains, Cancun and Dubai pursuing these activities. I also play Volleyball with the Bon Accord mens team and attend weekly training sessions. I have also captained my schools volleyball team. Another of my interests I adopted at an early age was athletics. I was dedicated to my training for five years and won many prized awards, including a Gold medal in high jump at the Scottish East District Championships, and fifteenth place in the Scottish Cross Country Championships. My completion of The Duke of Edinburgh Award to the extent of Gold Award is one of my most prided achievements. It has matured me and taught me many invaluable life skills such as the importance of respect, responsibility, dedication and team work. As part of my award I was nominated after application and interview by Laurencekirk and District Rotary Club to be their representative for the 2008 R.Y.L.A young leaders camp. This involved me spending one week with 60 other nominated young leaders at the Abernethy Outdoor centre participating in an abundance of team based activities ranging from kayaking to rock climbing. This greatly improved my abilities in leadership as well as operating as part of a group in stressful situations. Another of my achievements I pride myself upon is my position as senior prefect and my awards as both prefect of the term and year. This position involves me along with my partner leading a team of 18 prefects and helping the senior management team by representing the school in various areas of the school system.

My varied record of work experiences has taught me a lot about myself and the real world. Being a silver service waiter and barman at Drumtochty Castle, one of Scotlands most prestigious wedding venues has greatly improved my communication and social skills, and my seasonal job as a potato roager has taught me the ethic of hard work and persistence.

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